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Web design, UX / UI, digital marketing, seo , JavaScript

Web UI Development

Web design, UX / UI, JavaScript ,digital marketing, and seo

 - Web Design and Responsive Web Design Bootstrap Framework

 - UX / UI , Website Development, Digital Marketing and SEO

 - AJAX, JQuery, JSON , XML and DOM Training

 - Typescript, JavaScript and AngularJS Framework


Web design, UX / UI, digital marketing, seo , JaavaScript

Web Technology UI Development

Front End UI or Client Side Logic The User interface is everything that is designed to display on computer devices , in which which a user interacts with the application or a website or an enterprise application.

The front end of a website is the user interface or web page where user interact with browser. it represents user experiences directly like look and fell, text, colors, buttons, images and navigation menus.

For a website to look and function as we wish, we need to get familiar with web technologies that will help you achieve your goal.

Developer of an app or a website must have JavaScript, CSS, and HTML skills.

understanding web technology and the way it works becomes significantly easier as we keep working on that.

What is Web Technology?

Web technologies are the set of frameworks and libraries used for web development.

The User interface is everything that is designed into an information device with which a user interacts with the application or a website.

As the growing dependency on website and apps has to increased priority on UI, to improve the total user experience.

Browsers: Browsers request information and display. It is an interpreters of the web. Example Google Chrome safari and Firefox.

Internet Explorer – Microsoft’s browser

HTML & CSS HTML is programming for client side or to show information browser. the web browsers display information once they receive the request.

understanding how HTML and CSS works brings in better user experience.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and gives information regarding how HTML elements are to be displayed on the screen.

UI Library and Frameworks

Libraries are snippets reusable. Enable enable a large amount of built in functionality, Libraries make sure tha the code is efficient and works well across browsers and devices .




Frameworks help us in building and working with programming languages easier. Frameworks takes care of repetitive tasks in setting up a new web application and application development.

Meteor - a full-stack (front and back end) javascript framework

Node.js - a server-side javascript framework

Express JS - Developed in Node.js. It is an web app development framework which exposes restful web service API's for applications.

Ruby on Rails - a full-stack web development framework coded using ruby web programming language.

Django - full-stack framework developed using python for rapid web application development

Ionic - a mobile framework

Phonegap / Cordova : it is an mobile framework to access native api's of iOS and Android.

Bootstrap - a UI framework for web development using HTML,CSS and Javascript

Foundation - framework for building with HTML/CSS/Javascript. It is front-end framework for any device, medium, and accessibility.

Material Theming is an upgrade to Material design customize the material design to display the product in a better manner

Wordpress -Website development framework developed using PHP.

Drupal - a Content management framework developed using PHP.

Angular.js - a front-end javascript framework.

Ember.js - a front-end javascript framework.

Backbone.js - a front-end javascript framework.

Knock out

Material UI- Material design is intuitive that is much easier to understand and use as well.


Jasmine: is a behavior-driven javascript testing framework.

Sublime Text is an source code editor, supports many programming languages & markup languages.

WebStorm is an IDE for JavaScript, specially frameworks like Angular, React.js, Vue.js and Meteo. It also helps developers to code for large projects.

GitHub:is a web development platform tool allows developers to review code, manage projects, and build software.

Front-End Developer works on the front end of a website where the users interact with browser, work on from fonts and colors to dropdown menus and sliders. Front end work is an combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript controlled by browser.

Full Stack Developer:

Front-end developers often need to learn additional back-end skills. Developers need some of that cross-discipline skills. As a beginner to programming it’s important to consider working with visual designs, creating a first-class user experience, enjoy working in the frontend.If you enjoy working with data, figuring out algorithms and optimize complex systems, prefer to work as a backend developer. Some developers are proficient in both the frontend and backend; these are what’s known as full-stack developers.

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