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TypeScript Training - Programming for javascript applications development, Get Started, What is Type Script etc

What is TypeScript ?

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which primarily provides optional static typing, classes and interfaces.

Benefits of Typescript -

Enable IDEs to provide a richer environment for spotting common errors

It is open source. Many great projects are coded nowadays

Optionally static typing and type inference.

wide range of IDEs that have excellent support for TypeScript, like Visual Studio & VS code, Atom, Sublime, and IntelliJ/WebStorm.

Strict null checks.

To use TypeScript you need a build process to compile to JavaScript code. The build process generally takes only a couple of seconds depending of course on the size of your project. The TypeScript compiler supports incremental compilation (--watch compiler flag), so that all subsequent changes can be compiled at greater speed.

TypeScript Compiles to Plain JavaScript

There are TypeScript compilation plugins available for Webpack, Gulp, Grunt and pretty much any other JavaScript build tool

Npm modules that come pre-packaged with their own type definitions are automatically understood by the TypeScript compiler

Can Convert from JavaScript to TypeScript

The biggest hurdle is the learning curve.

TypeScript includes support for modern features such as modules, classes, constants, interfaces, and arrow functions that are part of ECMAScript 6

TypeScript is Typed.

TypeScript support auto completion and type checking

Due to the static typing, code written in TypeScript is more predictable, and is generally easier to debug.

Makes it easier to organize the code base for very large and complicated apps thanks to modules, namespaces and strong OOP support.

TypeScript has a compilation step to JavaScript that catches all kinds of errors before they reach runtime and break something.

Course content

Get Started:

What is TypeScript ?,

Benefits of Using TypeScript,

Getting Started with TypeScript,

Hello World in TypeScript

Build Tools

Installing Tools for TypeScript Programming,

compiling :compiling TypeScript Program

Compiler Options for Added Support

tsconfig.json,Integrating with Build Tools

Variables and Types

Variables,Types,Type Inference

type annotations,Optional Types

Reusable Types (Interfaces),Reusable Types (Type Aliases),

Organizing Types,Type Inference,Type Compatibility

Static Typing,Global Variables,Advanced Types


Writing Functions

Default and Optional Parameter

Arrow Function Expressions

Global Functions,Generics,Overloaded Function

Multiple Function Signatures


Namespaces and Modules ( Exporter and Importer )

Referencing Internal Modules

Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD)

Classes and properties

Static Class-like Patterns in TypeScript

Shortening a Class with Parameter Properties

Classes with Public and Private Accessibility Modifiers

Objects with Properties, inheritance

Advanced Features:

Definition Files, Strong Typing JavaScript Libraries ,

TypeScript with External Libraries

Ambient Declarations,

Moving to ES6 Modules

Destructuring , Introduction to Generators

Asynchronous Coding using async/await , Decorators

More Features:

Code Sharing Across Applications

Bridging with Interfaces and Code Generation

Using TSX Files, Mixins, Declaration Merging

JSX, Writing Declaration Files

Typings for NPM packages, Code Refactoring

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