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Introduction to DOM: Accessing Nodes, Accessing Element Nodes, Accessing Attribute Nodes, getAttribute, attributes[], Accessing Nodes by Type, Name or Value, Accessing Nodes by Class Name, Removing Nodes from the DOM, DOM Differences: The Whitespace Proble, Creating New Nodes

Browser Feature Detection : Introduction, Detecting the Browser Brand, Detecting an Early Browser Version, Detecting the Internet Explorer Version, Detecting the Mozilla Version, Detecting the Safari Version, Detecting the Opera Version, Detecting the Client Operating System, Detecting Cookie Availability, Defining Browser- or Feature-Specific Links and Testing on Multiple Browser Versions

Dynamic Forms : Introduction, Auto-Focusing the First Text Field, Performing Common Text Field Validations, Preventing Form Submission upon Validation Failure, Auto-Focusing an Invalid Text Field Entry, Using a Custom Validation Object, Changing a Form's Action, Blocking Submissions from the Enter Key, Advancing Text Field Focus with the Enter Key, Submitting a Form by an Enter Key Press in Any Text Box, Disabling Form Controls, Hiding and Showing Form Controls, Allowing Only Numbers (or Letters) in a Text Box , Auto-Tabbing for Fixed-Length Text Boxes, Changing select Element Content and Copying Form Data Between Pages

Managing Events : Introduction, Equalizing the IE and W3C Event Models,, Initiating a Process After the Page Loads, Appending Multiple Load Event Handlers {Unobtrusive Programming}, Event Listeners, Determining the Coordinates of a Click Event, Preventing an Event from Performing Its Default Behavior, Blocking Duplicate Clicks, Determining Which Element Received an Event {Event Bubbling & Event Propagation}, Determining Which Mouse Button Was Pressed {Event Context & event Object}, Reading Which Character Key Was Typed, . Reading Which Noncharacter Key Was Pressed, Determining Which Modifier Keys Were Pressed During an Event, Determining the Element the Cursor Rolled From/To and Synchronizing Sounds to Events

Page Navigation Techniques : Introduction, Loading a New Page or Anchor, Keeping a Page Out of the Browser History, Using a select Element for Navigation, Passing Data Between Pages via Cookies, Passing Data Between Pages via Frames, Passing Data Between Pages via URLs, Creating a Contextual (Right-Click) Menu and Creating Drop-Down Navigation Menus

Creating Dynamic Content : Introduction, Writing Dynamic Content During Page Loading, Creating New Page Content Dynamically, Including External HTML Content, Embedding XML Data, Embedding Data As JavaScript Objects, Transforming XML Data into HTML Tables, Transforming JavaScript Objects into HTML Tables, and Converting an XML Node Tree to JavaScript Objects, Creating a New HTML Element, Creating Text Content for a New Element, Creating Mixed Element and Text Nodes, Inserting and Populating an iframe Element, Getting a Reference to an HTML Element Object, Referencing All Elements of the Same Class, . Replacing Portions of Body Content, Removing Body Content, Using XMLHttpRequest , Sorting Dynamic Tables, Walking the Document Node Tree, Capturing Document Content , and Manipulating and Parsing HTML DOM elements using Javascript.

XML - Extended Markup Language, Spath, Xpointer and Applications

XML - structure , Element, Nodes,child and document, DTD,Schema and Namespaces,XML Usage and Applications, Creating a DOM using JavaScript, XML Nodes Manipulation, Receiving XML Responses,Passing XML to the Server

XSLT, eXtensible Stylesheet Language, An XSLT Stylesheet,xsl:template, xsl:value-of, Whitespace and xsl:text, Output Types –Text,XML,HTML, XSLT Elements and Attributes

XPath, XPath in XSLT, XPath Expression, XPath Terminology, Context Node, Current Node, Context Size, Proximity Position, Location Paths, Axis, Node Test, Predicate,Accessing Nodes, Abbreviated Syntax, XPath Functions, XPath Operators, Flow Control in XSLT, Looping, Sorting AND Conditions, XSLT Templates, Parameters and Variables

Using Xpointer in XML

Application using XML

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What is JSON ?, Where JSON is used ?

JSON - JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)- Object Literals, JSON, JSON Syntax

JSON Parsers, JSON Advantages and Disadvantages, Parsing JSON in JavaScript

JSON Data Types and Values, Object and Members, Arrays

Where JSON is used and its benefits

Parsing JSON in JavaScript in Applications

Reading JSON data structure

Data Interchange format


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,AJAX and XMLHttpRequest

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Why Ajax Needed ?

Using XMLHttp Object - Request and Response

Using Post and Get Ajax Calls

Working on various Ajax Methods and Properties

Demonstrating Client and Server Interaction

Challenges, Benefits and Usage

Using AJAX, JSON and JQuery together

Best Practices, Standards and Guidelines

Project Work based on Ajax, JSon and Jquery

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