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Graduate Employment Aptitude Test Training


These are the tests that are designed to assess general abilities and intelligence

An aptitude test is a systematic means of testing a candidate's abilities to perform specific tasks and react to different situations.

Aptitude Tests will be conducted for all levels and not limited to Graduates, Managers & Professionals

As a graduate seeking a job in an software or engineering position must be ready to face assessment tests.

Why Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests and psychometric tests help employers find out whether the candidate have the right practical skills for a job.

Graduates who are highly qualified, have similar skill sets, and compete for the same types of positions or fever positions.

Employers who are seeking the best candidates for open positions at their companies, carry out psychometric testing to determine the right applicants.

Where to Attend Test

Many employers will ask you to complete an online aptitude test.

Alternatively, you could be given a time and place to go and take your test.

Sometimes tests take place as part of an assessment centre. Where in you might take part in several activities– including interviews, tests, and group exercises.

Preparation and Guidance

All aptitude tests involve certain amount of thinking and logical rules to be followed and that need to be mastered through practice tests.

The tests are time limited with multiple choice type answers

To ensure you perform well and your place at the top of the candidates list, it is crucial to prepare for your assessment.

We provide comprehensive aptitude test guidance and solution for graduates seeking help preparing for their assessments. This includes numerous techniques to help you practice and excel.

Tips for Aptitude Test Success

We also provide tips to prepare for Aptitude Tests and Success

Aptitude Test Types

The main types of aptitude test include

Numerical Reasoning – Your ability to read, analyze and interpret data

Verbal Reasoning – Read & understand written information and evaluate arguments

Non-Verbal Reasoning – identify patterns in diagrams and images

Logical Reasoning – Follow information through to a conclusion.

Aptitude Tests List

The most common aptitude tests used on graduate engineers are::

Numerical reasoning tests

Verbal reasoning tests

Diagrammatic tests

Situational judgement tests

Inductive reasoning tests

Mechanical reasoning tests

Spatial awareness tests

Error checking tests

Many More

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