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Perl Programming training


Overview, Applications and Frameworks, Why Perl, Get Started with Perl, Variables and Data types, Creating script that uses the strict pragma, Examples and Exercises, Control Structures, Operators and Expressions, Examples and Exercises

Functions & Subroutines, Special Variables, Scope variables, Local and Global Variables, Lexical Scoping and Variables, Using Perl library, Date, Time and Calendar API’s, Examples and Exercises

Regular Expressions and Patterns, The eval Operator, The Block Form of eval, The String Form of eval, Block Form of eval, Usage of map, grep, and foreach, Examples and Exercises

Basic Input and Output, Command Line Frameworks, Exception Handling, The die and warn Functions, Eval for Exception Handling, Examples and Exercises, Files & File Handling, Examples and Exercises

Formatting and Reporting, The printf and sprintf Function, Generating Reports, Formats, Multi-Line Values and Text Blocks, Storing Report in a File, Select Function and the Special Variable $~, Header Formats, Footer Formats, Examples and Exercises

System Interaction and Process mgmt, Signal Handling, Expect command for Admin Tasks, Examples and Exercises , Complex Examples, Examples and Exercises , References, Auto-verification, Examples and Exercises

OOPS Concepts, Classes and objects , Instance and Instantiation, User Defined Classes, Member variables and Methods, Constructors and Destructors, Examples and Exercises, Super class, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Function Overloading and Overriding, Abstract Classes, Multiple Inheritance, Diamond Inheritance problem, Examples and Exercises

Modules , Packages and Namespaces, Auto Loader and Self Loader, Installing and Using Modules, Standard Modules and Usage, Examples and Exercises , Tie and Tied Variables, Type Globes & Globbing, Examples and Exercises, Perl Code Debugging, Design and Implementation, Distributing Applications, Documentation and Best Practices


Advanced Perl Programming

GUI Programming, Database Programming, Network Programming, CGI Programming, XML Processing using Perl, Embedding Perl Code, Runtime Evaluation and Error Trapping, Template Driven Code Generation, Extending Perl with C and C++, Embedding the Perl Interpreter, Multi Threaded Programming

Perl Testing

Part 1 : Introduction, Testing and automation testing using Perl, TAP - the Test Anything Protocol, Testing tools in Perl for testing Modules (Test::Simple, Test::More), Common reporting framework (Test::Harness, Smolder) Part 2 GUI Test Automation using Perl, Web Test automation using Perl, Extending the testing framework (Test::Builder), Setting up continuous integration (smoke testing), Command Line Interface applications, CLI network devices Testing, CLI applications Testing using Perl