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Dev Ops Training - Continuous Integration, Configuration and Test Automation

About The Course

Course Objectives

Who can opt this course?

Why learn this course?

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

DevOps Overview

DevOps Lifecycle

DevOps Tools

Using automation

Using a production environment

Continuous integration

Introduction to Jenkins

Install and configure Jenkins

Installation of Ubuntu

Installation for Docker

Installation in Containers

Introduction to Maven

Setup a Maven project in Jenkins

Integrate Jenkins with Git

Pull a project from Git and build it from Jenkins

JIRA (Bug Tracking Tool)

Continuous Deployment

Introduction to various deployment tools


Introduction to Monitoring Tools


Project Management Tools

Agile Methodology

Version control using Git

Benefits of SCM tools

Understanding the Git File System

Installation & Configuration

Git clone, add, commit, fetch & pull

Branches & Branching

Managing Branch permissions

Git Init & Git fork

using diffmerge tool

Merging Strategies

Git Tags

Git Stash, Rebase, Reset, Revert Checkout

Logging and Auditing

Cloning Repositories

Securing Your GitHub Account with SSH Keys

Linux Basics and Shell Scripting

Linux Basics and commands

What Linux is, Unix philosophy

Logging in, typing commands, logging out

Files, directories and paths

Creating files with a text editor

Viewing files (cat, less)

Managing files (cp, mv, rm)

vMagic dot files and hidden files

Managing directories (mkdir, rmdir)

Documentation for commands (man)

Command line syntax (options, arguments)

Text filters

( wc, sort, uniq, expand, head,tail, nl, tac)

Spitting files across disks (split)

Using redirection to connect programs to files

Redirect into files with append (>>)

Text Editing using vi Editor

Regular expression searches.

Documentation and Helps

Shell Scripting

Shell script Overview

Shell script basic Commands

Shell Script Debugging

Functions and libraries

Files Handling

UNIX File System Security

Unix Advanced Commands

Input for shell scripts

Communication with Users and Processes

Accessing Network server

Data processing using sed/awk

Regular Expression & Patterns

Advanced ssh techniques & PGP

Background Processing

Crone jobs Scheduling

Using unix tools for system administration

Administration Utilities & Tools

The X Windowing System

Documentation and Helps