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JAVA J2EE Training -Development, Java Technology

Part 1 - Core Java Programming - Overview, Get Started, Data Types and Statements, Control Structures, OOP Concepts, Files and Serialization, Threads, Collection Frameworks, Utility Programs, GUI using AWT/ Swing, Special Features and Programs, Reflection, Networking and sockets, IDE and Build Tools, Mini Project

Part 2 - Advanced Java Programming - Web Controller, Servlets, Servlets Basics, Web Container, Generic Servlet and Http Servlet, Servlet request & response Objects, Servlet Life Cycle and methods, Headers and Status Codes, Creating Web forms for user input, Deployment Descriptor, Servlet Context and Dispatcher, Security, Session Tracking, Cookies and Sessions, Encoding and Redirecting Url, Servlet Filters, Servlet life-cycle events & Threading in Servlets

Design Patterns - DAO Pattern, Singleton, Factory and VO Pattern, Using MYSQL Databases,JDBC Persistent Tier using DAO, HTML UI Components and Tags, Frames and Forms Design,Using DHTML and CSS and DOM, Header, Footer and Content Pages, Design using JSP and HTML & Using java Script

Introduction to Struts Framework - Writing struts Actions, XML Configuration, Using actions and Business Services, Files upload and download, Integrating JSP and actions.

Part 3 - Live Project Implementation - Requirements and Data Modeling, Creating Database Schema, Creating JSP and HTML pages, Business Service Impl using DAO, Struts Actions and XML Configuration, Integrating Actions and Components & Integrating JSP and actions

Build and Deploy - Application Build Process, Writing ANT scripts, Compiling and building War File & Deploying Web Application in Tomcat

Testing - Application Code Testing, JUnit Framework & JUnit Test cases

Knowledge Sharing Sessions - Application Testing, Code Refactoring, Performance Tuning & Introduction to Testing Tools

Java Design Patterns

Exploring Object-Oriented Design Principles and Design Patterns, Using Gang of Four Behavioral Patterns, Using Gang of Four Creational Patterns, Using Gang of Four Structural Patterns, Using Architectural Building Blocks, Introducing J2EE Patterns, Using Integration Tier Patterns, Using Presentation-to-Business Tier Patterns, Using Intra-Business Tier Patterns, Using Presentation Tier Patterns, More Presentation Tier Patterns, Exploring AntiPatterns, Applying J2EE BluePrints Design Guidelines


UML Overview, Basic Principles of Unified Software Development Process, Use Case Modeling, Objects Interaction using Sequence Diagram, Identifying Classes using CRC (Class Responsibility collaboration Analysis), Object Diagrams, Identifying Interfaces, Packages, Dynamic Behavior Modeling – Collaboration , State Charts and Activity Diagrams, Component Diagrams, Deployment Diagrams, Managing and Scheduling Development Process

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