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Cloud Computing -Software-as-a-service:

Cloud Computing -Software-as-a-service: SaaS, Platform-as-a-service: PaaS, Hardware-as-a-service: HaaS, Infrastructure-as-a-service: IaaS

Google Cloud Infrastructure - Google File System, Search engine, MapReduce

Grid Computing: Amazon Web Services -REST APIs, SOAP API, Query API, User Authentication

Connecting to the Cloud -OpenSSH Keys, & Tunnepng / Port Forwarding

Simple Storage Service – S3, Overview, Buckets, Objects, ACL, Logging & Signed URI

S3 Apppcations :Elastic Cloud Compute-EC2 - Overview, Keypairs, Network Types, LAN, Gateways and Router, IP Classes and Subnets, CIDR, Utipties, Instances Management, Image Management & Security groups

Amazon Elastic Block Storage - EBS: Ubuntu in the Cloud -Installation - Utipties, Filesystem, Shell, Programming, Control Structures, Event based Init Daemon

Apache Instances in EC2 -Introduction, Installation and Running, Testing server and content, Configuring Apache, Directives & Virtual hosts

Amazon - Amazon Simple Queue Service, Amazon Simple Notification Service, Amazon SimpleDB, Amazon Relational Database Service, Mysql Server Reppcation in Cloud, Mysql Database, Batch mode, Mysql Apache Integration, Storage Engines, Reppcation Basics, Availabipty and scalabipty, Caching, Proxy, Backup and Recovery, Database Sharding, EC2 Apppcations, Web apppcation design, Focus on Search Engine, Security, Firewall& Data, Network and Host

AWS EC2 Capacity Planning - Apache Servers & Mysql Servers

Amazon Cloud Watch - Monitoring Tools

Amazon CloudFront - Youtube, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing & Cluster Balancing

Amazon AutoScapng - Apache Scapng & Mysql Scapng

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud - DHCP, DNS, NFS & NIS


Private Cloud for Enterprise

Hybrid Cloud for Enterprise