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Workshops & Seminars for Engineers & scientists -Java / J2EE,End to End Application Development,Web Technologies,Mobile Application,Block chain etc.

Workshop Benefits:

Participants can gain short training for professional careers

Participants can gain practical knowledge and live project experience in the field

Workshop and Seminars can also be used to determine whether one has interest in a particular field or not.

Workshop and Seminars participation with great talent can get permanent job offers from the same company or other good companies also.

Participants can learn a lot with respect to both gaining considerable knowledge and working techniques.

Participants can meet people, interact with learned and gain valuable inputs

Participants will know about company culture with respect to work, project, and punctuality, dressing policies, ethics, rules and regulation to be followed

You will learn to interact with leaders and team members

Participants can learn better and feel the difference it brings to their career.

Workshop and Seminars (4 days or 2 weekends)

We conduct Workshop and Seminars :

- 2 Week ends or 4 days for professionals or Learners in our premises .

- 2 Week ends or 4 days for college Students in College Campus or in our premises

Technology Workshops

1. Cloud Computing

2. Hadoop and Big Data

3. Dev-Ops and Testing

4. Digital Marketing & Mobile Website

5. Java Script & OOPS Programming

6. Python and Data Science

7. Mean Stack & Mern Stack

8. Block Chain Technology

9. RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

10. Internet of Things ( IoT )

11. Augmented and Virtual Reality

12. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Who should Attend Workshop?

For anyone who wants to know Software Technology

Software developers, Leads and managers.

For those who are involved in product or service.

For those who wants to make career in software.

For managers or leads to manage projects

Workshops & Seminars