Tableau Training

Tableau course is for anyone who are interested to get into analytics, preporting and visualize data.

Data Scientists

Business Analysts

Data Analysts

Data Architects

Statisticians and Analysts

Project Managers

Tableau is emerging as one of the hottest trends in business intelligence

Tableau helps to create a real time Tableau dashboard for better visualisation of business data

helps you mine the data and visualize business opportunities.

Career opportunities for Tableau are on the rise with more & more companies arelooking for Tableau experts

you will learn Integration of Tableau with Statistical Analytics, and social media analytics

There are no special prerequisites for Tableau training. Knowledge of R language would be an advantage, Knowledge of Database and SQL

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You will understand and know to arrange data from multiple source systems for effective analysis.

Data Blending from multiple source systems, Custom SQL Queries, Creating Incremental Loads, Creating File Extractions, Parameters

Integration of Tableau with R and Hadoop, Statistical Analytics, and social media analytics.

you will learn how to work in real time environment for Tableau Projects.

project with Business case study

Best Practices

• We Focus on more generic and open source solutions

• Programs are taught by Data experts

• Vast experience in Application and Data Management industry

• Program tailored to participants needs

• Arrange Job Interviews

• Trained Many Candidates

What is Tableau and Analytics

The Tableau Product Line

Tableau Architecture

Getting Started

Connecting to Data and introduction to data source concept

Working with data files versus database server

Understanding the Tableau workspace

Working on Structured and Unstructured Data

Connecting to various data sources using Tableau

Creating Dimensions and Measures using the Tableau Interface

Writing Custom SQL Queries in Tableau

Tableau Data Menu & Editing Data Connections

Importing and Exporting Data Connections in Tableau

Size and Transparency in Tableau

Connecting to Excel, CSV and Text Files

Working with Data

Running total and Cumulative metrics in Tableau

Creating Tableau custom calculations

If/then calculations, Date calculations in Tableau

Aggregate Calculations

Row-Level Calculations

Quick Table Calculations

Grouping, Aliases, Filtering in Tableau

Cross Tabs-(Pivot tables)

Aggregation & Dis-aggregation in Tableau

Tableau Trend lines, Page trial, Total & Subtotal, Labels and Annotations

Hierarchies Sorting Grouping Filtering Aggregations Trend lines Page shelf Forecasting

Tableau Single Installer, Worker Installer, Authentication

Processes, Data Server, Backgrounder, SSL in Tableau

Create the Tableau First Admin User

Create Tableau Projects and Groups, Assign Permissions to Projects

Licensing, Data Connections in Tableau

Metadata Management in Tableau

Connecting to data with Data Server

Updating Data Sources

Create Tableau Projects and Groups

Assign Permissions to Projects in Tableau

Tableau Licensing

Data Connections in Tableau

Effects of different permissions in Tableau

Grouping Users in Tableau

Managing Tableau Server Security

Dashboard Objects Filter Actions URL Actions Sizing Tiled and Floating Sheets Dynamic Sheet Titles

Bar charts, line charts, individual axis, blended axis, dual axis.

Define scatter plot, pie chart and bar chart.

Define maps-filled maps, maps pie chart, heat map, tree map and page shell

Bump Charts, Bullet Graphs, Water Fall Charts, Boxplots

Bubble charts, Tree maps, Histograms, Heatmaps

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