SQA Training,

Introduction, SQL Roles and responsibilities

Testing concepts

Testing Levels, Testing types, Test Documentation, Test Plan Contents, Importance of Testing, Test cases, Manual Testing concepts, Automation Testing concepts, Testing Framework, JUnit Design, Examples using JUnit, Advanced Features, Best Practices

QA Process

Defect Management, Bug Tracking tools, QA Release Life Cycle


Introduction to Java Declarations and access control, Declaring classes, methods, instance variables, static variables, Constructors, Flow control and exception handling, Loops/If-then-else/Switch, Try-catch, Assertions, Abstract classes/ Interfaces/Packages/Inheritance, Overloading, Overriding and runtime behavior, Object casting (assignments), Garbage Collection, Threads, Collection

Introduction XML & HTML

XML Overview, XML Element, Attributes & Validation, XML Namespaces, CDATA, DTD Overview, DTD Element, Attributes, Entity and Validation, XSD Overview, XSD Element, Attributes, Complex types, HTML Overview, HTML Elements, Basic Tags, Table, Links, Form, Images

WebServices Concepts

Web services overview, SOAP, Creating Web Services, Describing Web Services with WSDL

Introduction to Database & SQL

Database Model, Overview on Relational Database, Database Design and Normalization, SQL Basics: (Create, Select, Insert, Update, Delete and Drop), Joins, Sub query and Views

Introduction to Unix

What is a multi-user operating system?, Inside Unix, Understanding Unix commands, General purpose utilities

Introduction to Perl

Concepts, Getting Started, Data types, Statements, File Operations, Java Documentation, General principles, Coding Standard, Coding Styles and Conventions, Tools for documentation, Checklist, Best Practices