WEB DESIGN TRAINING - programming web technologies for website development


INTRODUCTION: Introduction of Internet,Introduction to World Wide Web(WWW),Types of networks (LAN, WAN and MAN) Basic Tags Of HTML,Texts & Font,Layouts and styles,Scroll and Lists,Form Elements and form Design,Tables and Special Tables Option Groups,Complex Screen Design,Field Sets,Meta Tags,Email Links,Image Links and using map,Embed Multimedia Using frames, iframes and Noframes,Advanced Frame Options,Simple Website pages design Special Characters & HTML Escape


Why use DHTML?, DHTML limitations, The Document Object Model, Working with Objects, DIV, SPAN and STYLES Tags, Working with CSS, DOM Objects and Events, Menus, sub menus and Drop downs, Screens partition & Website pages Design


Introduction to JavaScript, Variable and Literals, Control flow statements, Window objects & Document objects, Using JavaScript Alerts & Prompts, Event Handlers, Javascript Functions, Built-in functions, Javascript validations, Sample forms using HTML Objects and Javascript, Project using HTML and Javascript

HTML5 and CSS3

HTML 5 Overview, Get Started, Structure of a Web Page, New Elements in HTML5, HTML5 Canvas, CSS3 Basics, Layouts,Styles & Navigational Aids, Canvas, SVG Graphics & Drag N Drop, Web forms and controls, Transforms, Translations & Animation, Media - Audio and Video, Images & Galleries, Charts,Gauges, Media Queries, Responsive Design for mobile, Geo Location, Web Data Storage, App Cache, Web Workers, Websockets and Communication, Offline Applications, Messaging APIs, Infographics, Typography & Polyfills


Introduction, Selecting and Filtering, DOM, Handling Events, Content and Attributes, Arrays and Iterations, CSS, Ajax Features, Animations and Effects, Custom Events and PlugIns, JQuery Properties


Cross Browser Issues & challenges, Testing & Debugging, Best Practices

Project : Website Development