Hybrid Mobile Development Training - Developing Cross Platform Mobile Apps with JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5

One of the biggest challenges of developing mobile applications is trying to port the appplication to multiple platforms.

Porting application to multiple platforms can lead to extensive development costs

Need for multiple skillsets internally in order to maintain the apppcation.

Software Mobile Developers

Software Leads

Technical Consultant

Project Managers

Basic HTML Programming, JavaScript Programming

Platform Specific programming and Responsive Web Design

Structural framework for dynamic web apps. template language and syntax to express application’s components.

Front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5

Runtime environment and library to run real-time server applications outside browser.

To install node programs and make it easier to specify and link dependencies.

Create an app that runs on a variety of mobile devices and platforms

To wraps a Web view of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in a native application.

To bridging mechanism that allows JavaScript running in the Web view to invoke native code contained in the application.

Mobile SDKs for the platforms to support.

Plugins to support device capabilities




Cordova / PhoneGap

Mobile SDK’s and EMULATORS.

Project Development and Deployment

Course material

Project Implementations

Job Interviews and References

Hands on Experience Letter