Python DJango Web Development Training - Framework for web application development


what is Django ?

Django is an web framework used to build web applications

most famous and widely used web frameworks

Django follows an MVT architecture which stands for Model-View-Template. MVT is a Django variation of the famous MVC structure

Why Django ?

Comes with a lot of stuff out of the box

• Authentication interfaces

• Admin interfaces

• Session management

• Managing temporary or session-based messages

• Generate Google sitemap XML with admin package

• Manage variety of content with content types framework

Benefits of using Django

scalable framework

Written in Python

Supported by a large and active community

Django offers an administrative interface right out of the box

Django enable developers to build custom web applications rapidly according to varying business requirements.

Compatible with major operating systems and databases


Impacts performance of small web applications

A process lacks the capability to handle multiple requests simultaneously

Who Should Attend the course ?

For those who wants to know Web application Design and implementation

Web developers, Technical leads and others

For those who are involved in the design of a product or service.

For those who wants to become expert in python web development.

For managers or leads to manage projects or for hiring.

To apply web development techniques to a personal project.

What you Learn ?

Installation and Configuration


Installing Pip and Python on Windows


Creating a Django Project

Getting Started

Data Model and DJango ORM,

Views and URLconfs

Templates and Forms

DJango Admin Tool

Forms validation

Handling static files

Managing Django's settings

Request and Response Objects

Working with Controllers, Views and Templates

Deploying Django Application in Apache

Authentication and Session Data

Pagination and Search Plugins

Media Storage

AJAX Integration

Sending email using a form

Preventing Cross Site Request

Data Formating,CMS & Templates

PDF Generation

Export and import of data (via JSON),

Managing CMS

Extending the Template System

Create your own tags and filters


Write your own middleware

Web services using REST Framework

Creating RSS Feeds

Data Caching for Performance

Integrating with Legacy Applications

Understand the Django capabilities of the Google App Engine

Application Testing and Debugging


Key Take away from course::

Web Application Development Experience

Project Implementation and hands on Coding

Training Material and Coding Samples

End to end Development training

About Trainer

Training will be conducted by subject matter expert in Software Development, Products and Technology Training.

The curriculum includes planned sessions with Presentations, practical exercises and hands on project implementation.