PHP MYSQL Training Web Development

PHP Training - Online and Developer

Part - 1

Introduction, Applications and Frameworks, Get Started, Variables, Data Types, Control Structure , Operators and Expressions, Strings and Arrays, Functions , Local & Global Variables in Functions

Part - 2

Files Handling and Globbing, Exception Handling, Date, Time and Calendar API’s, Command Line Frameworks, Regular Expressions and Parsing, GUI’s and Graphics, Working with images

Part - 3

References, OOPS Concepts, Classes and objects, Instance and Instantiation, User Defined Classes, Member variables and Methods, Constructors and Destructors, Super class, Default Attributes and Methods, Inheritance and Override methods, Polymorphism, Function and Operator Overloading, Abstract Classes, Multiple Inheritance and Diamond Inheritance problem

Part 4

Collections, PHP Utility Programs

Part 5

Working with HTTP and Browser, HTML Forms and Query Strings, Cookies and Sessions and FTP, File Upload and Download, Working with Email, Encryption & Security

Part 6

Working with MYSQL and PHP, Working with XML, Web application performance, AJAX

Part 7

Working with PEAR, Template engine, Internationalization, PHP Best Practices

Part 8

Application Development Projects