Magento Training- PHP Framework for ecommerce application and Shopping Cart Applications



Module Driven and Event Driven,

MVC Pattern, OOPS Concepts,

Installation and Configuration,

Magento directory structure,

Factory and functional class groups,

Class Rewriting,models, collections, filters,

Events and Observer Pattern, Entities and Resources,

Working with Database, Creating simple modules,

Creation of the module upgrade scripts,

Request and Response, Controller,

Sessions, Request Routing, Modules initialization,

Design and layout, Templates and Rendering,

Overriding rules for Controllers & View,

Entity-Attribute-Value model, Form and Grid Widgets,

System configuration XML and configuration scope,

Security in Magento, Cron jobs,

Enabling and configuring extensions,

Application Deployement,

Project Implementation

Magento e-Commerce

Introduction,Magento Features, Architecture,

Installation and Configuration, Directory Structure,

Managing Web Store, Product Configuration & Types,

Attribute sets, Categories & Catalogues,

Coupons & Praising Rules, Import & Export,

Navigation & Search, Layouts, Themes & Page Templates,

Email Templates, Content Management,

Customer orders & invoices, Taxes & Discounts,

Shipments & Credits memos, Payment & Transaction,

Setting up Payment Gateways,

CRM,Cross-sell & Up-sell, SEO,Site performance,

Widgets, Security & Roles,Multi-store setup,

Configuring Google Analytics